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Our Technology

Shaivaa Algaetech is one of the largest manufacturers of Natural Astaxanthin in India offering novel ingredients in various forms that are fit for the nutrition industries. Years of research and collaboration with renowned institutions has helped us develop a truly indigenous method of growing algae that follows its original life-cycle of utilizing the natural sunlight and atmospheric CO2. Our process helps us to achieve supreme quality of Astaxanthin while being cost-effective and most importantly, environmentally sustainable.

salient features of
our technology include:

  • Continuous production
  • Reliable product that matches market standard
  • Maintenance of strict hygiene practices
  • Top quality approved ingredients and machinery
  • Optimized process that is both economically and ecologically sustainable


Haematococcus pluvialis is a freshwater green microalga belonging to the Chlorophyceae class. It is scientifically proven to have the highest natural astaxanthin accumulation capacity with the cells accumulating up to 5% astaxanthin of its weight. In normal conditions the cells are chlorophyll rich green in color but upon stressful conditions the cells start producing the natural carotenoid to preserve itself. This remarkable ability of astaxanthin shows the that it is the most powerful antioxidant on the surface of Earth.
Our Haematococcus algal strain is truly indicative of its Indian origin as the strain has been isolated from the famous mountain ranges of the great Himalayan region.

Haematococcus p. Cultivation

Clean Inoculum
Shaivaa Algaetech handpicks pure and optimised algal colonies to culture for each batch.
Green Phase -
Our closed indoor photobioreactors ensure controlled growth conditions for a continuous flow of green cultures to our production units.
Red Phase -
Under stress conditions, Astaxanthin production is activated. The algae matures and turn from green to red.
With the highest astaxanthin content, the algal biomass is separated from the medium and dehydrated.
Using our proprietary technology, the hard cell walls of whole algae are cracked open to release high-quality Astaxanthin.
Cracked whole algae are dried and stored in optimal storage conditions.
Astaxanthin oil is recovered and concentrated using a food grade solvent.
The recovered astaxanthin oil is stabilized and standardized to manufacture a range of premium astaxanthin products.