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Shaivaa Algaetech LLP, is an Indian biotechnology company that focuses entirely on providing innovative and sustainable algae-based nutrition solutions for the ever-growing life science industry. Since the inception of our company in 2019, our vision has been to solve the surging need of manufacturing novel ingredients that serve the nutritional needs of mankind along with being climate friendly to our fragile ecosystem.

What makes Shaivaa Algaetech special?

The word “Shaivaa” has been derived from the amalgamation of the Sanskrit word “SHAIVAL” (meaning algae) and the supreme Lord Shiva (Hindu God) who creates, protects and transforms the Universe.
Shaivaa Algaetech draws its true purpose in believing that algae (just like Lord Shiva) have the power to sustain and transform the living world just like they have been doing for billions of years. Our motivation lies in providing it to the world in an accessible, cost-effective and smart way.

Our team