Dietary Supplements

In addition to being a versatile ingredient in various sectors, beta carotene is extremely useful as a dietary supplement. Following are the applications with respect to beta carotene in dietary supplement segment.

1. Prenatal care

Vitamin A is an extremely important nutrient during pregnancy, even though there is significant risk in consuming too much of it. This is why beta carotene is an attractive option as its toxicity level is extremely low. Vitamin A has great benefits in terms of healthy development of the brain fetus, along with healthy lung development. It is recommended for pregnant women to consume as much as a 40% increased intake of vitamin A and up to 90% while breast-feeding.

2. Trichological properties

The deficiency of beta-carotene and vitamin A in the diet can result in dryness of the scalp and increase the likelihood of dandruff occurring. Deficiency can also leave hair looking dry and lifeless. Beta-carotene has hydrating properties on the scalp, minimizing dryness and flaking associated with dandruff.

3. Infant Nutrition

Beta carotene is used as a colouring additive in food for special medical purposes (FSMPs) for children’s drinks. The conversion of beta carotene into vitamin A in the body also helps protect babies’ eye health.

4. Bone density in menopausal and post-menopausal women

Nutrition can be an important modifying factor in the development and maintenance of bone mass. Effective prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women is also dependent on nutritional factors. Beta Carotene plays a key role in making sure that this deterioration does not take place in women of the said age category.


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