"Harnessing the potential of Micro-algae to meet the global growing demand for sustainable nutrition"

About Us

Shaivaa Algaetech is a micro-alga based Biotechnology Company in Surat, Gujarat. We specialize in commercial scale cultivation of micro-algal species using our high standard, cost-effective state of the art technology. We take pride in our commitment to produce premium quality micro-algal active ingredients for use in food, nutraceutical, health and cosmetic products that augment human well-being and improve the quality of life.

Our Vision

Shaivaa Algaetech envisions tackling one of the biggest challenges of providing sustainable food and nutrition globally using one of the most primitive forms of life on earth- Micro-algae. We aim to become a leader in the global algae industry by working tirelessly towards the common goal of – Healthy living for all!


Sustainable Process

Shaivaa Algaetech is based on the principle of being an environmentally responsible, carbon neutral company. We take pride in our sustainable production process which uses natural heat, sunlight, CO2 and sea water for cultivation of our micro-algae. Our raw material sea water is later used by the local salt farmers for producing high quality salt. This positions our company as a bio-based and circular economy.

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